This is how sport can help you (1/2)


Sport/ Happiness/ Stress reducer
The first partner in your life

Start paying attention to your body, hear its demands and frustrations and care for it, is the first step you take towards healing. Your body is your tool to enjoy life ! take care of it, challenge it.

When you train, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins while it decreases stress hormones like cortisol. Endorphins are your body’s “natural” feel good chemicals, and when released during exercise, they trigger a positive feeling and naturally boost your mood.

Aside from endorphins, training also releases other hormones like adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine.

This is how sport can help you (2/2)


These hormones work together to make you feel good and positive. Endorphins, along with serotonin and dopamine, are known as happiness hormones. As you know, happiness, is the first step towards healing…

When the endorphins are released during exercise, they can produce feelings of euphoria and a general state of wellbeing

Regular exercise has also proven to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and improve sleep. Physically active people are known to recover from mild depression more quickly. There is also a strong correlation between physical activity and good mental health.