My Story (1/9)

Being raised on the Caribbean seas and outdoor most of my life, I was a happy child that excelled at sports.

Coming from a family heavily invested in sports, I was taught how to swim as soon as I could walk

My Story (2/9)

I spent all my childhood doing sports: swimming, track and field, tennis and in each, I became a champion.

But tennis was my passion, and it is the sport I chose and trained for.

After winning many tennis competitions and being “THE” champion for all my childhood, I was offered a path to go to Paris and train under the best to pursue a tennis career.

But at 18, I was done with tennis and with being the champion that everybody wanted to beat for so long,

I stopped my beloved tennis and went to Paris to study Business and Marketing.

My Story (3/9)

During my young adulthood, I worked in the beauty and fashion industry, which took me all over the world and assuaged another of my passion, travelling.

I crossed half the globe, returned to Europe, came to Munich with my husband and proceeded on creating life, three beautiful children.

My Story (4/9)

I became ensconced in a life, where duty and being a mother, took over all aspects of my life.

I had let go of sports and did not replace it with any other activities to take care of myself.


In any case, living so externally with no thought of myself or my happiness, I was bound to develop an illness … and I did!

The doctors let me know that it was an illness creating huge physical problem, but it had an underlying psychological component.

My Story (5/9)

To beat this illness, I knew I had to reflect upon my current life’s situation. I had to work on the physical as well as the mental side of it.

Everything I learnt as a sportswoman came back and helped me fight it.

I had to learn how to take care of myself.

We are so conditioned, as mothers or wives, to put ourselves last.

It was not easy to rethink that aspect of my life, to undo the way I had been living since years.

My Story (6/9)

This illness spurned me into action, into learning all I could find about health, nutrition, herbal therapy.

It motivated me to create a series of four organic herbal drinks, based on a traditional Indonesian medicine (a blend of Indian and Chinese traditional medicine) that I sold in organic supermarkets.

But more was needed, I was taking care of the internal aspects of the illness and had neglected the mental aspect.

My Story (7/9)

This is where sport came to my help.

Sport is like meditation and helps me clear up my thoughts and relax.
At the same time, I felt good in my body, as I developed my own program to be fit and strong.

Starting training again was a life changer. I felt better, stronger physically and emotionally.
I started feeling happy again. Yes, I said happy. I started enjoying life again.

Although I had not noticed how I had stopped truly enjoying it, truly enjoying life, not just living, but feeling good.

My Story (8/9)

The illness made me realize it, and when I started truly enjoying it again, I felt the difference.

Looking back, I wonder how I had not seen it, how I had not realized how I was feeling.

Sometimes, we are in the now and charge through life, not looking into ourselves to see whether we are fine, we are happy.

Sometimes, we do not want to know, we just try to survive the day, the month, the years. But is it necessary?

My Story (9/9)

10 years later, and my illness a faraway thought, I sold my company and decided to revert to sport, my first love.

Sport saved me during my illness…so I decided to become a personal coach to be able to help people overcome life’s challenges and bring some joy into their life. Also, people were always asking me what I was doing to stay so fit and have such a body with 3 children!

I studied and after successfully passing my Life saver’s license with « the DLRG » (rescue swimming) – silver -, I continued with a Fitness trainer B license and an A license including medicinal fitness and personal training, which I successfully completed.