Why me ? (1/2)


You have to find a personal trainer with whom you feel comfortable and who suits you.

Who understands you…Someone you can trust and who can help you feel better with yourself.

Someone you can relate to, otherwise you will not have fun while doing sport. Otherwise, you will start but you will not continue and persevere.

The right coach can make a big difference in your life-training and show you the right path to integrating sport into your life in a beneficial way.

Why me ? (2/2)


Contact me to start discussing plans and take that first step …..to be in a life where your body is not a “drag” but an active participant in your life.

Too often, a specific sport work on specific muscles, creating problem down the line for all those underused and overwhelmed muscle-groups.

I will make you a stronger, better, happier you !

Throughout my tennis career, I have had different kind of coaches…only 1 was a good match for me
Commit, give your all !