Fitness and Wellbeing (1/2)


Your body is your first partner and your last in this life.
It is time to build a body ready to answer the demand of an active life, and to be fully engaged in a life based on joy and happiness

To be fit, energetic, in shape, enjoying this body is not the end game but the first step towards happiness and joy. We go bigger and enjoy life together…

We all go through part of life when we feel the body degrades, drags us down. It becomes harder and harder to do the things we were taking for granted. We wake up in pain because the back hurts, what came naturally has to be earned…the body no longer supports us in an active life, we have to strengthen it, we have to support it through sport.

Fitness and Wellbeing (2/2)


Yes, you bike every day, but your back hurts while doing so. You exercise your lower body…but what about your upper body ? There is a lack of deep muscles there. I will address your body’s demands depending on your, work, lifestyle and personality.