My personal philosophy (1/2)


Sport is supposed to enhance your life, to help you to be happy. You should have fun while doing sport.

It is about a healthy mind in a healthy body. You will have more self-confidence and feel good about yourself

Fitness is so much more than a beautiful body…I…M…PERFECT…, yes, you are, I am, we all are…. what you want to be is a better version of you, not someone else. To train does not have to be stressful.

My personal philosophy (2/2)


In fact, it should not be stressful. Once you can integrate training into your life in a successful way and with my help, it will not be a stress but a source of joy!

Our path is: sport/regularity/strength/definition/freedom/happiness

As a coach, my challenge is to find the perfect plan for you and to make it your own.

My goal is that you look forward to each of our session, to change the way you see training and sport.