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Coaching is about personal attention, it is about human interaction, to help people be and do better than they think they can.

Finding a personal coach is about finding your own personal motivator who believe in yourself, even when you, yourself cannot see it, so you can breach the limitations you thought you had.

A personal coach will help you go further and be there, motivating you each step of the way, so you can go further than you think you could.

A personal coach will help you find within the source of your own power,so you do not give up, ever !

Give Your All ! GYA

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I offer coaching for:

  • Strength- Hypertrophy: Building muscle mass
  • Muscle definition – Strength endurance : You want to show off your muscles but subtly
    Balance/Coordination : In young but also old ages, it is very important to train the coordination, balance as it tends to get worse with age.
  • Losing weight: I love food! It does not have to be only negative and eating less and suffering. We will together, make a plan you can adhere to and you can stick to.
  • Endurance: It can be fun and will help you mentally overcome your own barriers to achieve what you never thought you could.Afterwards, you will experience a sense of euphoria. Some feel good, stress reliever training

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  • Speed: It is so rewarding to follow your own progression and literally fly. You will burn lots of fat doing so and will be able to show off your muscles.
  • Sport specific competitions: No matter which sport you are in, I can train you to increase your performance.
  • Stress relief-reduction/ Happiness / Well-being: All of the above training specifics can/ will help, but as with a good meal, some extra spices are required. And there, I will add my own spice mixture to the mix to achieve your goal.

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….and whatever your goal, you will be able to see the results. We will keep a record of your progress. It is measurable and therefore undeniable, so we can decide at anytime in which direction we want to go.

I will propose and you will dispose. We will be a team and while I will do my part, you will also have to do yours. We will set a goal and a timeline.

I aim at creating a well oiled machine, through a complete program incorporating , nutrition, flexibility and a balanced defined body structure. So your body, your best companion in this life, can serve you.